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tesc's Journal

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Evergreen State College
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This is a community for students at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. It is also open to alumni, friends and family of students, and people who are just interested in the college.

Evergreen's Online Catalog

Please check the links below for answers to your questions before posting in the community.
When it comes to administrative things such as transfer of credits, what sorts of benefits and services are offered by the school, and how to register, it's best to check the website or call the school at (360) 867-6000 and ask the operator for the appropriate department.

This community is not an official Evergreen discussion group. None of the information provided in this community is intended to take the place of information from official college sources. What this community is intended to do is act as a forum where people can point you to the proper place to find official information. It's also intended to be a place to find perspectives of Evergreen students in an uncensored environment and provide a place for people to discuss any issues related to the college and on-campus happenings.


Basic questions that have been asked in the past. This spans everything from class styles to applications to a simple "is Evergreen a good place?"

Academic Advising



Program Web Pages

Network Services - student webspace, email accounts, webmail, etc.

Computer Center

Advanced Computing Center (for computer science students)

ResNet - Resources for current or prospective housing residents. Includes discussion groups and community resources.


Evergreen Professors on ratemyprofessors.com.

Please contact one of the moderators with any other links you think would be useful.

Things that are okay to post here:
-Announcements about Evergreen events, including unofficial ones.
-Opinions--including satire--about Evergreen.
-Questions about how things work here.
-Critical but respectful comments on other peoples' posts.

Things that are NOT okay to post here:
-Personal ads.
-Trolls- posts that are purely to stir up trouble, and not intended to start interesting and respectful discussion.
-Off-topic posts. If it's not about Evergreen, don't post it here.
-Personal attacks and flames.

More details available here.
This community moderated by mmalicious, jaktek, and tiny_fae.

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